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and shoe strings around there. i'm sure there were ftastic e-mails. this is a bang-up operation. we'll read your-mails during mfrp news you can't use" on "morning joe" which starts right now. i don't think health care is driving this election, david. i think economy is driving this election. people have anxiety about that economy. i'll tell you what -- >> then why did you do health care and spend so much of last year on health care? >> they don't want -- well, you know why we worked on health care? because health care was a huge -- is and was a huge problem in this country. >> yet democrats are not campaigning on it because it's so polically toxic. you said that wouldn't be the case. you said it would get more popular, not less. >> i think that health care overtime is going to become more popular. welcome to "morning joe."
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happy monday. mika, that's what i keep thinking about myself. >> what this. >> that one day, one day i'm going to get more popular. my mom tells me. >> you're so popular. you're the most popular boy in school. >> no, my mom says i'm not because they're jealous of me. one day, like health care reform -- >> 21st century is only 10% over. >> that's right, that's right. one of these day, i'm going to be >> oh, no. you are now. >> just like willie geist. >> you're missing peteb breen, aren't you? alex doesn't even kw how to press a button to read e-mails. >> good rehearsal. that's all i'll say. >> who is alex d anyway? >> i don't know. >> i think he was an intern last week. >> can we get pete back? >> now look at him. place.he i saw a flint of it in your eye. i know that look.
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speaking of diva, that guy out of ohio, the guy that i thought was one of the great rising starms of our time. >> he's got passion. he'll be back. >> the dream is over. >> the dream is over. >> no. the dream lives on. >> that guy loses. >> mike barnicle is here. he likes to be introduced, as well as the president of the council on foreign relations, richard haas. >> the council has your -- >>co this morning coming for breakfast is face sal imam and the imam of not only an existing mosque but a potential islamic community center just blocks from ground zero. >> that should be fascinating. andy carr will be joining tuesday as well as the warn wash post's david ignatius and senator carl levin.
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>> mika, i know you weret in front of the tv set eating pork rinds and drinking your beer. the story of the first week is the nfl has morphed into th world cup. detroit got totally screwed. >> i'm sure willie will get to it in sports. no time left on the clock, touch down, end zone. the receiver has control of the ball, knee touches the ground and they recalled it. >> because of some technicality in the nfl rule they had to call it incomplete. wait until you see it. it's going to blow your mind. >> let's see it now. >> this is to win the game, joe. >> he caught it, how exciting. his feet are down, his body is down. >> watch the slow motion replay. he's got it. >> it's over already. >> now his knee is down. >> no, o, no.
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toucown. >> not even close. >> not only did they call it incomplete. they reviewed it an confirmed it was incomplete. >> if you hold the ball over the plane for a split second, it's a touchdown. >> haven't detrouffered enough? >> we have got to adopt that city, and we will. >> another nfl story, i was down in tuscaloosa this weekend and saw alabama and penn state. pennsylvania people, i know james carville made an insult that pennsylvania on one side and pittsburgh on the other and alabama in the middle. i think that's a compliment. those pennsylvania people, the classiest fans. he yelled not only at his players but alabama fans and said you will not boo penn state fans. ey are all class. remarkable event. i was poking him, saying why are you trading donovan mcnabb in
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division from philadelphia to washington? you're going to radio the day. >> they have a quarterback, kevin koling who is going to have a terrific season -- oh, no, what happened to him? >> guess who looked good yesterday? michael vick. >> philadelphia loses and donovan mcnabb along with mike sand -- this is the most exciting thing that has happened in washington football since dan schneider brought steve spurrier to town. >> at least, at least. >> wasn't anyone watching tennis. >> the eagles trading him interdivision, one of the stupidest things they could have done. >> did you see the end of the redskins game? >> cowboys win the game except for one -- well, go ahead. >> we're narrating the entire
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nfl week one. we'll just show them the highlights later. can we do that? it was really cool. this thing happened. >> you had to be there. >> one final thing we're going to talk about. i think it's the stupidest thing -- and i love this team and i love the coach. i have never seen a team ever -- and i mean ever. i'm dead serious. this is not overstatement. i've never seen a team set themselves up for failure on such a magnifictly grand scale as the new york jets have done this year. they have painted the biggest target on their back and said, please shoot us. they're going around acting like they've won five super bowls. you don't do that in the nfl, and you sure as hell don't do that in new yo city. can you guys believe -- again, i love ryan, i love him. i lo these guys. i love shot en himer. i love the jets and i have since '69, since name moth.
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these guys are. setting themselves up for a fall. >> and there's a story this morning about what a circus it's become. i'm showing this because it's news, mika. >> we have to tell the news. >> this reporter showed up at camp and apparently was the victim of cat calls, taunted a little bit by the jets team. >> soalex the intern said in a wren sent voice, it's seven after, can we get to news please, like you guys are going to listen to that. >> like this isn't news. >> let me give you a lesson on live television. you need to say get to the damn newscast and you scream it in his ear loudly. >> go ahead and scream, alex. >> okay. so you were at the u.s. open yesterday. that didn't go ll. >> it was an awful day with my family. this is a picture of my daughter sitting there waiting with her little plastic bag over her
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head. >> four hours. >> that's carly. she loves tennis. >> she wouldn't>> leave. >> carly is a seventh grader who made her tennis team. >> she's sitting there -- her varsity tennis team. is that not the saddest picture. >> she sat there in that chair with a plastic -- wearing a plastic bag. >> nadal didn't make -- not one unforced error. >> four hours in the rain, that's right. good family time, let me tell you. >> i have good family time like that with my dad at theelmont in 2003 when it was raining and we couldn't get a cab for ten hours. >> great mood. i'm going to do the news now. >> he screamed non my ear you need to do the news. >> congress returns to work for a final session before the midterm elections. the main order of business in be comin weeks will debating the fate of the bush tax cuts set to expire at the end of the year. over the weekend, members of the tea party movement gathered in
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washington, st. louis and sacramento to protest big government. house minority leader john boehner yesterday surprised democrats when he said he may not ap pose president obama's plan to oppose tax consults for all, but the highest earners. >> can't even fulfill the basic responsibilities of governing like doing -- f >> continuing the tax cuts for the folks in the middle class unless it also includes the tax cuts for the people in the upper bracket. >> if the only option i have is to vote for some of those tax reductions, i'll vote for them. but i've been making the point now for months that we need to extend all the current rates for all americans. >> yesterday the white house seized on those comments as an opening for compromise with white house press secretary saying, quote, this, we welcome -- this is robert gibbs -- john boehner's change in position and support for the middle class tax cuts. but time will tell if his actions will be anything but
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continued support for the failed policies that got us into this mess. but boehner's office shot back saying, quote, this, if the president is serious about job creation, there is a clear way for ward, and that's for us to come together and pass legislation immediately that cuts spending to 2008 levels for the next year and stops all of the coming tax hikes by freezing all current tax rates for the next two years. anything short of that may selfishly check a political box for the president, but but it fails the american people. actually some sayat that that's what health care was, a box ecked. >> yeah. i think some i think joh boehner is on the winning side of this argument. for me politically and for most independents out there and almost all republicans, this isn't a close call. richard haas you don't raise taxes. they're playing hughey long. what they're doing is raising taxes when you have unemployment
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at 15%. oh, the job creators, the job creators who will hold that money and not use it to invest in jobs. >> certainly not a winner. probably not smart to single out taxes. there's got to be spending cuts, a much bigger chunk of the deficit problems comes from run-away spending. the one area where taxes should come back is the estate tax. the idea that there's zero estate taxhat, this is the year to die. come late december, rich people better look out for their kads because the kids have a real incentive to do them in. that is one tax. >> let me tell you mike barni e barnicle, one tax not to raise, but to raise the capil gains tax from 15% to 20%,again, capital gains tax which rewards smart investments which creates jobs, who dreamed that up? we're going to raise capital gains taxes when there's 15% unemployment?
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i'm serious. this isn't evenan ideological question. who dreams that up? >> i don't know. i don't know. >> we'reoing to tax investments that create jobs. >> eventually though, within the next five, six years, they're going to have to raise taxes on something to pay for the past which raises a legitimate question in my mind. >> let me stop you then. you said metime, what n the next five or six years? >> yeah. >> great. guess what? we're at 9% unemployment, 15%. >> can't do it now. >> barack obama ev en said during the campaign, if the economy ws bad, he probably wouldn't raise taxes on he can say the rich now. i say the job creats. now is not the time to do it. sure, if they -- if they have to do it, let's go back to the clinton era, but not now. >> the other element, in gibbs's statement that mika just read, i think a lot of people are sick of hearing aboutthe failed policies of the past. do you know how tough it was when we got here?
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we've been digging ourselves out of the ditch. people don't live inthe past. paychecks don't arrive from the past. deal with it now. forget the past. let's get going here. >> and the problem is they've justug us deeper in. they've spent the past year and a half on the health care reform bill that's bad r the economy, that's bad for jobl creation, that's bad for the health care system. it just is. it's probably never going to see the light of day. it will be defunded by democrats as well as republiens. we'll getone more story in here but save the anysis full screen for must-reads. this is interesting. want to know what your take is. democrats are blasting former republican speaker of the house newt gingrich this morning for accusing -- >> what's wrg with him? >> i don't know. >> what's wrong with him? >> i don't understand. >> in the words of will ferrell in "wedding crashs," what's he doing? >> andwhy is it okay? >> why is what okay?
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>> it's not okay t say, as we t msnbc -- e a >> point out what he said. >> he accused president obama of having what he called, quote, a kenyan anti colonial world view. >> where does he t his material? >> in an interview -- >> can you read that again? >> a kenyan anti colonial world view. >> are there people -- what's the demo? i don't think fox viewers -- my mom is a fox viewer, mom would watch that and go huh? what? >> a smart uwoman. >> can you read that again? >> a kenyan anti colonial world view. this was an intervw with "the national review." maybe in context. maybe we're being unfair. >> i've been unfair. >> maybe it's been cut down too much. >> this is unfair. let's put this in perspective.
6:15 am
mika, go ahead. >> what if obama is so outside nly if prehension that o you understand kenyan, anti-colonial behavior, can you begin to piece together his actions? >> oh, i get it. >> this is a person who is opportunitimently out of touch with how the world works, who happened to have played a wonderful coas a rest of which he is now president. i think he worked very hard at being a person who is normal, reasonable, moderate, bipartisan, none of which was true. i think he went on to say he was authentically authentic. >> was it high school and college in kenya? >> he went toeg kenyan llege. >> that's cool. there's a lot of kenyaners in this country. poor newt gingrich. here we are lambasting him.
6:16 am
>> listen, there's -- >> kenyan as in kenya, and it was kenyan college. you see? >> that's our problem. >> what we do here is clear it up. this is an isnd of sanity. >> that's what he's saying. >> you get it to impression how smart you are. >> what is he doing? >> what's he doing? >> question for you. you're the analyst. >> when he accused musls of being maians a couple weeks ago, i didn't know what he was doing. what's he doing? you know, he's a smart guy. what's he doing, richard haass? >> why pick on me. >> your analysis richard. >> there are some statements that stand out there on their own, and i think this is one of them. >> okay. up next, twitter wars, the on going battle between the white house and john boehner spills over online.
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it's one of the top stories next. >> it makes me tired. >> what? twitter wars? >> this kenyan thing. >> mark halprin has an interesting must-read. >> i saw you guys andyou didn't even want to talk. >> mika was so rude. you know there actually there were websites that were enraged and attacked us for not being fair to a minister that wants to kill u.s. troops byurning the gh koran. right wing websites want u.s.o soldiers to die i guess because they were mad because we didn't give him enough respect. >> i'm not even sure we should have put him on. >> no, we shouldn't have. >> shame on all of us for allowing that to have happened and play out. >> 50is followers. >> his church is the back of a
6:18 am
pickup truck. >> we were watching it down in birmingham and my wife, she was that just happen? he didn't let him talk. >> he was weird. sorry. plus, the tea party verse it is gop. in tuesday's senate primary in delaware, is there a major upset in the making. we'll have new poll numbers out. first a check on the workweek forecast with bill karins. do republicans want trun the senator not? >> my children did not enjoy their day yesterday. it was our one day together. >> u.s. open wasn't pretty yesterday. it was nice in jersey, though. a lot nicer. let's chat about the forest t. tropics got active over the weekend. we have a category 4 hurricane. thankfully igor and julia will stay out at sea. julia, this cold front in the at lafrn tick with pick the storm up and bendt out to sea. igor is going to be a little more interesting, especially for bermuda. the storm is going to track that way over the next five days.
6:19 am
it's a slow-mover. by next weekend it's not going to be in bermuda quite yet. large waves from igor will arrive on the east coast by friday t. surfs will love it. this storm looks to hook out to sea. no problems whatsoever. still gloomy in new york city through areas of boston. that drizzle and light rain will let up eventually during the day today. lit be dry from philly to baltimore and d.c. forecast for the rest of the country, it's as quiet as could be from chicago to the deep south. for all your travels on this monday, it looks very simple and very easy. you're watching "morning joe" brewed by starbucks.
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look at new york city. still a little rainyur, 23 past
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the hour. let's take a look now at the morning papers. "washington post," it'she tea party versus the republican party. in tuesday's senate primary in delaware where mike castle iens suddenly under siege from a conservative candidate christine o'donnell. a new public policy poll released last night shows donnell leading castle 47% to 44%. that three-point lead being wl within the poll's margin of error. >>p that poll up there. for the sake of the republican party, i hope it's not the case. o'donnell has a checkered past. "weekly standard" releasing documents last night. mike castle can win that stat't. o'donnell can't. >> new hampshire has an issue it hasn't paid attention t >> tomorrow morning to cover christine o'donnell, kelly o'donnell will be live there. we'll bring her on the show. >> she cannot win statewide in
6:24 am
delaware. it's like sarah palin attacking the guy who took ted kennedy's seat, the republican that won in massachusetts and shocked the world, sarah palin attacking scott brown. seriously? seriously? now mike castle, a guy that can walk into joe biden's senate seat. >> they have to listen to hailly barber. >> they should, if they were smart they'd listeno haley barber. >> harry reid would be gonein nevada, gone but for sharon engel. washington times, carly fiorin refuses to run as a moderate. fiorina is not lunging to the middle. a new poll show boxer leading 48 to 44 among registered voters. the guardian and sarah palin
6:25 am
makingheront page of "the guardian." the paper says all signs point to palin running for president in 2012 including expected attendance at a republican dinner in iowa this friday. i bet you'll be well in delaware and massachusetts and new hampshire. wait, willie, what's next? >> a small victory for the trapped miners in chile. finally persuaded their rescuers to send down the one item they've been for. >> oreos? >> better. plus the dallas cowboys implode on sunday night football. highlights of an epic football fail next in sports. [ male announcer ] where are people with moderate to severe
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and businesses impacted by the spill. we've paid over $400 million in claims and set up a $20 billion independently-run claims fund. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. i'm gonna be here until we make this right.
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jo as the sun comes up over washington. a little check of the news and th we'll go to politico. in california hundreds of san bruno residents are returning home after a natural gas pipeline exploded into a deadly fireball. the area near san francisco international airport seen in a google image a few years ago was
6:30 am
a typical neighborhood just a few days ago. now look at that same neighborhood today. utter devastation, house after house, completely leveled. say four people remain missing after the blast, and its resulting fires that destroyed dozens of homes. four others are confirmed dead. >> iran says lit free one of ree americans detained in the country for more than a year on charges of espionage. a prosecutor in tehran says share rah showered will be released on $50,000 bail because of medical problems and be allowed to leave the country. shourd who may have cancer was originally meant to be leased on saturday. but the country's judiciary blocked those plans at the last minute. >> really quickly here, what were these people doing? hiking. i don't buy at. u always hear people, dictators saying they're cia
6:31 am
agents. you read this in the newspaper, three people hiking along the border of iran, like they're cia agents. what were they doinghere? >> i actually think they were hiking. >> why? >> hiking between the iraq-iran border. >> it doesn't necessarily mean you have judgment. we don't recruit hikers i don't think for the most part to be cia agents. >> i don't think we do. but seriouy. >> the interesting thing is why these people who showed zero judgment were doing what they were doing, but why the iranians are acting this way. what's interestingit shows iranian in the leadership. you have a country divided at the tochlt youe have clerics, conservatives, revolutionary guards, the guys running the economy. the most interesting thing going in iran right now is not the green people, it's the divisions at the top. if threes going to be political change in their country, and i think there will, it's a question of when, that's what we
6:32 am
need to watch. chile's 33 trappedwi miners will start a daily exercise routine today under the guidance of a personal trainer. >> as if it's not already bad enough. >> as they wait to be rescued. we're going to be exercising thursday morning in washington, hoip hope you join it. officials say the hour-long program will prepare the miners for their rescue through a narrow drill hole. the authorities are supplying the miners with cigarettes. >> because that helps you get thin. >> mixed messages. intended to improve their emotional well-being. >> and get the circulation going. >> i love that. gets your circulation going. >> don't we have sports? i can't believe i'm asking for it. >> i read a doctor's report. it's in there. it's from 1951, but it's in there. for sports, first sunday of the nfl. last night's sunday nighter, you might have gone to bed and missed it. lebron james taking on the game between the redskins and the
6:33 am
cowboys. the cowboys imploded. this is the last play he ran it in for a touchdown. it was only 3-0. the skins up 10-0. this could have been the game-winning touchdown. looks like romo throws a game winner to roy williams. but you can't hog tie and close line a man. mcnabb saw it. they threw the flag onit. that would have been the cowboy's game winning touchdown. redskins win the opener 13-7. not a good performance by the cowboys last night. it was ugly. peyton manning and the colts visiting the houston texans in the second quarter, houston up 13-zip. manning finds wayne in the end zone. indy trying to come back. they couldn't stop texans running back arian foster from
6:34 am
the university of tennessee, finds a big hole for a 42-yard gain, forced out of bounds, but a few plays later finds the end zone with a 25-yard touchdown run. in the game the texans beat up the colts 34-24. arian foster ran for 231 yards, the second most all-time for an opening weekend game. and holds the top spot. o.j. ran for 250 yards in week one of 1973. patriots taking on the bengals. tom brady off a big week. he signed the richest contract in the history of nfl. brady throwing a quick pass, touch down to wes welker put the patriots up 7-0. patriots cruised through this one. we want to show you this because it's ocho cinco. palmer, pass to ocho cinco. wasn't enough. patriots win 38-24. only the first week of the season. already patriots wide receiver
6:35 am
ran i do di moss. we showed you the patriots blew out the bengals, first week of the season. everybody is happy. it's about the team. a win is a win. this is randy moss in the last year of his contract with the patriots, after the big win, talking to reportersabout why he's so upset. >> if you do a good job and you think you're doing a good job, you want to be ap please ated. i don't think personally that i'm appreciated. i love being here but i think from a business standpoint this probably will be my last year. >> you can write what you want to write. all i'm saying is i'm not here to start any trouble. >> if you're doing that in week one, it's going to be a long year. >> maybe they would respect him if he knew how to wear a sglt he's right, it is going to baseball cap. be the last year of his contract. >> that's for sure now. >> that's what we say. we don't want to start trouble. >> and it's our last year here. that's the other thing we say. eagles-packers, kevin coal
6:36 am
run down by clay matthews, his his face driven into the turf. he was woozy when he got up. eagles back up. michael vick looked really good. there was a bullet to jeremy maclin 17 yards out. he looked good running the ball. looked like it was five years ago. vick brought the eagles back from a 17-point deficits. the packers win 27-20. >> do you think vick is back? >> they're real careful with these concussions, so i guess kolb sits out. >> smart move, trading donovan mcnabb. >> wait, what's wrong with that? >> wild one in pittsburgh playing one without ben roethlisberger. reshard mendenhall threatens the falcons' defense, breaks a tackle, tiptoes along the sideline. steelers win in overtime 15-9
6:37 am
without roethlisberger. lions, bears, end of the game. how about the lowly lions. this should have been the game-winner. >> touchdown d claim. t >>ancing in the street of detroit. there's one, two. >> possession. >> possession, knee down. >> that's sick. he holds it for touchdown. they called it incomplete and looked at it again and confirmed that it was incomplete. >> touchdown, touchdown. >> that would have bn game winner for the lions. lions lose the game 19-14. >> i don't understand, that was so clearly a touchdown. >> here is the rule. the ruling is that in order for the catch to be completed the player must maintain possession of the ball, quote, throughout the entire process of the catch including when you begi an your celebration apparently at the end of the catch. >> the rule is wrong. >> i have seen going back to
6:38 am
1973 -- i remember the -- then the st. louis cardinals -- if you catch the ball over the plane of the surface, hold it for a split second. if you have possession forl a split second, it's touchdown. >> and just believe your eyes. you saw that. that was a touchdown. >> how could they replay that and look at it and not give detroit a touchdown? >> their hands are tied by a silly rule that has to be changed. >> why are nfl officials so against detroit? baseball and now this in football. what's goi on with organized sports? >> why is everybody kickgdo detroit when all we want to do is love them. exactly. >> joe, we didn't have time to get into the story about the young reporter -- >> no. we don't needpp to. >> what happened, willie? >> she's doing her job, for heaven's sakes. >> is that her showingp to cover? >> no. this is just a photo.
6:39 am
she's just reporting, doing her job. >> doing what the lord gave her talent and she's trying to -- >> she's a journalist, asking the tough questions. >> study to show thy self approved. >> apparently she wasn't treated with respect from the jets. >> the jets have set themselves up like a bowling pin to be knocked down. >> they are the miami heat of football. >> just tease gorks to the break. up next, why president bill clinton's words from 1992 may come back to haunter democrats the california gubernatorial race. we'll discuss that with politico when we come back. keep it on "morning joe" brewed by starbucks. good job, keep going !
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jerry brown's good old days, but what really happened. >> cnn, not me, cnn says his assertion about his tax record was, quote, just plain wrong. jerry brown went out and took credit for the fact that the people of california voted for proposition 13 which lowered taxes which he opposed. now he's going around taking credit for it. he raised taxes as governor of california. he had surplus when he took office and a deficit when he left. he doesn't tell people the truth.
6:44 am
>> [ inaudible ]. "the l.a. times" said that. they'll say anything. that's why we have to have our own truth squad to get the word out. [ inaudible ]. i did not have taxes with this state. so let's return to that. wow, even got bill clinton lying for me now. here with a look at politico's player, michael len, the chief white house correspondent for politico. good morning, mike. >> good morning, guys. >> what do you make of the clip, that meg whitman is using jerry brown in her ads jerry brown calling president clinton a liar. >> it's been called the most effective ad of this siblg by
6:45 am
office. idate for any >> interesting. >> good ad, using the former -- >> calling jerry brown a liar and saying he raises tes, i'd say that's a pretty good ad. >> jerry brown fires back with monica lewinsky. that's going nuclear. >> jerry brown attacks bill clinton -- these guys never liked each other. you go back to the '92 debates, it's uncomfortable. >> it does remind you of how good clinton is though. he is good. mike, tell us abouthis twitter war. mika reported at the top of the hour, robert gibbs and john boehner going back and forth 140 characters at a time. what's going on there? >> this shows how tunistic this white house is being. boehner made a comment on "face the nation" opening the door to negotiation on tax cuts. robert gibbs jumped on it. he's going to be on the morning shows pushing thpoint trying to argue that boehner has changed his position. yesterday robert gibbs did four
6:46 am
or five tweets just on a "new york times" article about boehner's connection to lobbying. the white house says this vind case their strategy of el baiting boehner. people have been saying why is the president making boehner as big as him? they're building him up so they can tearim down, to make him a big, fat target so they can say, hey, if you get house republicans in charge, this is what you'll have, these close connections to special interest. >> gibbs and the democrats seizinon the comment boehner made about the tax cut yesterday. we'll talk to you later, thanks. i've got to say the new york times, also, is doing rdobama's bidding yesterday. rhey hadug a huge story on boehner, trying to build boehner up. i thought that was fascinating. >> this morning's "new york times" also reporting on afghanistan that security there is deteriorating despite the fact that more american troops are being flown into the country: that's according to international aid groups that
6:47 am
reports that large parts of the country that were once completely safe now have substantial taliban presence. also showing u.n. government employees ca no longer travel safelyn 30% of afghanistan's districts. if you look at that evolution overtime that "the new york times" showed yesterday, what are we doing there? doesn't that really boil it all down? >> more troops, less security. >> tt it's not really working. >> it isn't really working. you see the corruption of the government is rampant. you see what our so-called partner is doing, following its own agenda. we'll see electoral turnout in afghanistan be poorer today than several years ago. meanwhile the $200 billion a week makes no sense against the backdrop. we're looking for ways to move our budget into less of an imbalance. i think this december review which is coming up, when itches on the show a few weeks ago, i said it was pre ordained that
6:48 am
the administration was going to say petraeus,ev you get whatever you want. i'm beginning to think for the firs time things are gog so poorly that there is a chance, the voices will say, hey, this isn't working, will be heard more in. the administration. >> isn't that the problem? things are going to poorly that the generals want to double down. they'll need more troops. >> that's not going to happen. basicalltoy word is going out t general petraeus and others that that is not on the table, to increase what we're doing. the real question is whether we simply stay the course, quote, unquote, against the backdrop where it's not working or dial down the numbers and shift the emphasis. >> the problem the white house is facing is the fact that while things are getting worse in afghanistan, and we talk about it here every day, you look at barack obama's poll numbers, and polls come out showing that americans want us to stay there. >> americans aren't going to want us to stay there when they see the costs in terms of the casualties, financial costs. people still associate what we're doing in afghanistan with
6:49 am
the post 9/11 situation. it's fundamentally difriferent. as americansee there isn't the terrorist presence or thre in afghan that warrants what they're doing, i think american political support will wither. >> richard, a big day at the council today. >> to get faisal to talk not simply about the mosque and the there's a larger issue. why is it that muslims around the world are as radical as they are? why is it such a high percentage of the world's terrorists are muslims? what's going on inside the debate in the muslim world? what do outsiders need to do to steer this? this is one of the central challenges. >> that is fascinating. mika, richard, the council has a great guest to. i was watching on friday. we had the abraham lincoln of the 21st century talking about this, donald trump.
6:50 am
what he's trying to do. not only does he try to find a way for ward, to unite this country, he makes great ties. >> you missed it friday. we did not agree at all. >> he's your guest, not our guest. >> you treated him with such disrespect -- >> i did not. i did no such thing. >> if abraham lincoln marched up to gettysburg and people threw spitballs at him. >> i'm not going to agree with him. >> the only thing i'll say is you're a lot nicer on his private time than on tv. hi, mr. trump, you're so good looking. >> he's a healer. >> he is a healer. united we stand, divided we fall. >> i also had conversations on the cell phone where i disagreed with him. ridiculous. >> richard, thank you. former white house chief of staff -- >> not believable for our
6:51 am
viewers, okay, what you're trying to do. >> honey bunch,re you serious? >> no. >> that is weird. >> at is goofy. charles blow is going to be here. that's good news. plus election returns are in. we'll get a recount. >> our daniel webster. that's our guy, phil davis. yes! tdd# 1-800-345-2550 what if every atm was free? tdd# 1-800-345-2550 no more $2, $3 fees. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 no more paying to access your own money. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 it'd be like every atm in the world was your atm.
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please, please, something positive. something to make me laugh. >> remember mika last week i showed you lady gaga on the cover of "vogue" dressed only in cold cuts? >> i do. >> last night was the video music awas. she took it one step further. peta is not happy. we want to show you share in her "turn back time" outfit giving the best video award to lady gaga. her dress is made of meat. her shoes are made of real meat. her haret is made of real meat. >> it's thinly sliced, looks delicious, pro sciutto. that's meat. i don't know what else to tell you. she's wearing meat. she's wearing meat. she also has a meat purse, i'm told. her purse is made out of meat. >> did she reek? what did that smell like? >> it's been a meat week for
6:56 am
her. >> is that fake? >> no. that's meat. lady gaga. she took it up a notch, didn't she? >> that escalated quicy. phil davison is our man out of stark county, ohio, running for treasurer, in case you need a reminder. >> if nominated tonight, i promise each and every person in this room i will hit the ground running, come out swinging and end up winning claimt. >> he wanted to be the treasure. bad news. stark county republican executive committee, whatever that is, about 80 people who know nothing, nominated davison's opponent to run in the race. >> disgraceful. >> let's get him on the show. >> his favorite quote. einstein quote, right? in every opportunity is a -- oh,
6:57 am
wait. a quick "morning joe"go good-bye for now, phil davison. ♪ i will remember you ♪ will you remember me ♪ don't let your life pass you by ♪ ♪ weep not for the memory [ indistinct conversations ]
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7:01 am
the real issue for people this november is going to be what direction do we want to go? the other de, and you had pete sessions on your show, the ad of the congressional campaign committee for the republicans that said we want to go back to the very same agenda we had before this present took office. that agenda was a disaster. that agenda turned the clinton surplus into a rerd deficit of $1.3 trillion, gave free reign to the special interests and led to the biggest -- at the expense of the middle class and the economy and led to the greatest economic collapse since the great depression. why would we want to go back to that? >> welcome to "morng joe." one minute past the top of the hour. still with us, mike barnicle and joining us columnist for "the new york times" charles blow joins us and former white house chf of staff andy card joins us.
7:02 am
>> did you have a good weekend? >> great week end. >> mika went to the u.s. open and got rained out. >> yeah, great family time. we sat there in thrain wearing bags. >> oh, no. that's not good. >> went down to alabama. you guys had a good time. the tidet rolled. >> was it wonderful? >> pretty darn good. >> beautifulwealth sner. >> gorgeous. alabama was absolutely beautiful. it was a great game. >> what did you do after the first three minutes of the game? >> what i always do. ate hot dogs. >> you didn't. you did not eat hot dogs. thing with mittle kids, because i want to teach them how to get into sports. ery point -- a lot of times, the mascots do every pushup. i eat a hot dog for every point. had 24 h dogs. >> that's not true. >> you're just saying that. >> i can't get anything past you in new york, guys.
7:03 am
>> i was in s.e.c. country, in nashville. the health challenge. it turned out a little worse for the commodores than the crimson tide. nashville is oneof of the great. >> nashville is fantastic. and in the nfl yesterday, i can't get over this detroitli lions - >> awful, awful, awful. >> it w's a world cup syle ripoff. what happened? a >> it's the lions, give them a break, for once. >> mike barnicle there's a conspiracy against detroit teams. >> major league baseball, ruined their summer taking galarraga's perfect game away from him. now the nfl will ruin the fall by taking this touchdown from the lions. >> that's a touchdown! >> do you have the slow mo replay? he's got possession, one-hand
7:04 am
possession. knee down. >> he's already on his way up. >> seriously the commissioner, we've got a great commissioner in the confl. and make a come out strong statement on this today. no world cup pussy footing around. that was a touchdown. >> i still think the other compelling other than the jets -- i love the jets, but the hard knock stuff, "the new york times" magazine, the monogrammed sweats. these guys are going to get killed. you don't do that in the nfl. you certainly don't do that in new york city. >> they better be really good. >> they better be 16-0 good. >> okay. enough sports. >> press is going to kill them, deservedly so. keep your heads down. really, it's unbelievable. mika, of course, as you said, the story i think also the first weekend, michael vick playing
7:05 am
for the eagles. the redskins start out big. how stupid to trade donovan mcnabb within your own conference to mike shanahan with the rskin >> philly never fell in love with donovan mcnabb. they were happy to let him go. he'll come back to bite him. >> washington will. >> they got a lot of help from the cowboys last night. the. cowboys were awful. >> romo can't blame them. can we do news now? >> we started news about 57 after. >> that's because there's an intern in charge today. >> hi, alex. >> he's 18. democrats are criticizing former republican speaker of the house newt gingrich this morning for -- i can't wait to hear charles's analysis. >> charles can ll us. ption as to assum what the misunderstanding was here. we'll give it to you and you tell us what yougo think is goi on. for accusing president obama of
7:06 am
having what he called a, quote, kenyan, anti-colonial world view. >> what are you doing? >> in an interview gingrich says, quote, what if obama is so outside our comprehension that only if you understand kenyan, anti-colonial behavior you can begin to piece together his actions? this is a person who is fundamentally out of touch with how the world works who happened to have played a wonderful con as a result of which he is now i think he worked very hard at president. being a person who was normal, reasonable, moderate, bipartisan, none ofwhich is true. now, we thought -- >> i think's outrageous. >> mike has a great explanation. >> maybe we owe newt an apology, mi. >> he was referring to kenyan college. that's one thing. the second thing is he is so
7:07 am
outraged at the publicity that the florida from minister from the back of his pickup truck over the past ten days, he's trying to compete with him. >> that's as close as you'll get to making that make sense to me. >> unbelievable. >> put aside the joking about it, it is outrageous. it is probably one of the most inflammatory things i have ever heard. >> let me ask you this. charles, what's more inflammatory? that statement or newt a few weeks ago comparing a place of worship to a swastika? i kind of think that actually comparing an entire faith to naziism could be as outrageous? >> i guess you're right in terms of faith and how broad it is. but in terms of attacks on this particular president by a republican leader, this is outrageous. it's incomprehensible actually. you try to pick that statement apart, what is the proper kenyan model for -- i don't know what
7:08 am
he's talking about. mark halprin asks the question why he keeps being allowed to say stuff like this. andy card, your thoughts? maybe it was kenyan college. >> andy, is it kenyan college? they have wonderful quarterlies they send out that impresyases e mail man. >> kenyan college has great swimming teams, i think ncaa swimmingver. joe hagan, one of the best deputy chiefof staffs in the country is kenyan college. >> i had said that hagan had also a kenyan mindset. >> he has a kenyan college mindset. >> with an o. >> can you explain newt gingrich's train of thought as he's giving this? >> newt going rich has a very long train of thought and it includes lots of thoughts. but, look, president obama came to office, kind of seeing the presidency in theory rather than
7:09 am
reality, and reality has caught up to him. >> let's get back for a minute, andy. i love you, buddy. i'll stay on newt for one second. this is hurtful to mainstream republican candidates running in 2010, isn'tit? >> look, the country is in desperate need of strong leadership right now. president obama is still trying to nd his way. it's just a reality. republican also do well in november. >> newt gingrich's statements, are th hurtful for republicans trying to provide strong leadership? >> i don't think they help. i don't think the statements that newt gingrich made are helpful, no. but i do think president obama came to office with what he thought the role of a president was and came to office to re realize that there's a real world out there and it's hard to be president. you to make tough decisions. >> andy, are you disappointed by
7:10 am
newt gingrich's words? >> first of all, i don't think they're going to have long legs. i don't think that they arean words that will swing an election. i think they may impact newt gingrich's standing in the republican party and where we're going, but i don't think it's going to -- this is not a watershed moment for the republican party. >> right. but are you personally disappointed? >> yes, i'm disappointed. i don't think i'm surprised because newt has lots of opinions and he's not afraid to express them. >> let's go to fellow red sox fan, speaking of disappoint, mike barnicle. >> both mike and i are disappointed about the red sox. >> that's right. we are, andy. you don't have to be sigmund freud to figure out newt gingrich. he has a massive inferiority complex. he keeps throwing erthe intellectual fodder thinking people will think, oh, he's really a deep thinker. he suffers from clearly enormous resentment and envy over people like sarah palin and other
7:11 am
republicans who are so far ahead of him in the popularity game and the name game that he will do and say anything to get his name in the lights which is what he's doing. >> i think that about sums it up. >> newt gingrich is very smart d he contributes an awful lot to the intellectual fire power that the republicans have. he really does have spectacular thoughts and makes -- he's controversial. his policy suggestions are exciting and controversial. i think he's a leader in our party, but he is not the leader of our party. >> i'm sorry. i don't think you can use this example as being part of the t intellectual arm of the republican party. this is reprehensible, number one. number two, to say the president was a con, was pretending to be normal. what does that even mean? >> andy, if he has intellectual fire power, he's aiming it at him efl. he has the gun right on his head
7:12 am
or the head of the republican party by saying these things. >> newt gingrich is an exciting figure within the republican party. debate.stimulate the he also, quite frankly, is a cattle prod to a lot of other people's minds. find better solutions. newt gingrich forces us to find better solutions frequently. >> i got one for him. go away. there's a solution. i mean he is doing nothing to raise the alogue of american politics. >> you're trying to say this election is going to turn on what newt gingrich nosuggests, d it's no this election is about the arrogance and the incompetence and the burdens that the democrats have brought on us for the last two years, and republicans are well positioned to do well. tomorrow is a primary election day in massachusetts. mike and i know that. but we're getting up to the general election. republicans are going to do well because they are a better response than what we've had over the past two years. >> andy, of course republicans should be able to do very well
7:13 am
this fall. but the question is, whether people like newt gingrich are going to stay out of the way. so sane candidates can go around talking about how they're going to work to create jobs. when newt gingrich g oes out an come pears islam to naziism -- >> andy, doesn't it seem -- >> or he says this guy is a con -- >> -- that these comments are unnecessary. it's a huge opportunity for a republic to emerge with great ideas in an articulate nature that goes beyond demonizing people and making up lies about them? or not? >> speakingor of lies, some firg back and forth in california. >> you want to go there >> yeah. let's go there. >> we've got a commercial to show you. things are heating up in california. i think his mic is not working there. the governor's race betwee republican meg whitman and democrat jerry brown.
7:14 am
brown responded yesterday to a campaign ad that meg whitman put out last week that used president bill clinton's words from 1992 against her opponent. here is thead first, and then brown's reaction. >> jerry brown's good old days. but whatreally happened? >> cnn, not me, cnn says his assertion about his tax record was, quote, just plain wrong. jerry brown went out and took credit for the fact that the people of california voted for proposition 13 which lowered taxes which he opposed. now he's going around taking credit for it. he raised taxes as governor of california. he had a surplus when he took office and a deficit when he left. he doesn't tell the people the truth. >> she stops at nothing. she's even got clinton lying about her. don't you see that? he said we raised tackles. that's a lie. they'll say anything. that's why we have toua have ou
7:15 am
own truth squad to get the word out, okay? clinton is a nice guy, [ inaudible ]. taxes with have this state. let's be clear about that. >> wow. mike barnicle, mark halprin, we thank mark for flagging that clip. halprin said whitman's commercial having bill clinton call jerry brown a liar who raises taxes is just devastating, and here it is. here you have jerry brown talking at a democratic function bringing up references to monica lewinsky. this is not exactly where you want to turn after labor day. >> first of all, the ad is very powerful and to the point. in 1992 in the primaries they
7:16 am
hated one ane another. i mean, it was like me and willie. edep seed loathing. >> charles, do you remember the first person -- here is a nice political quiz for you. >> i'm going to fail this i thk. >> who was the firstational figure to bring up white wer? it was jerry brown. >> was it? >> in th debate. jerry brown in 1992 started beating the white water drum. these guys hated each other since '92. can you believe how this is playing out? brown is bringing up references to monica? >> the problem with it, like you said, mike, it's such a powerful ad. it's really hard to beat that back. no matter how much you say, the truth squad, no matter how much you try to knock it down,out can't beat it back. it's very clear. and you buy it or you don't. he doesn't have ashot at
7:17 am
beating -- >> andy, the whitman ad, that is just devastating devastating having bilmol clint who is the st revered person in democratic politics at this point, most effective in 2010, calling jerry brown a li and a tax razor which is much worse in 2010 than being a liar. >> a very effective ad. i thought the meg whitma campaign has done a good job getting it out there because she's not saying it, bill clinton is saying it. it reads well, and i tell you, this is a devastating ad onbr jerry brown's campaign. >> all right everyone stay right where you are. when we come back, savannah guthrie has this morning' headlines out of washington. also "the washington post's" david ignatius hasut growing concerns about the u.s. strategy in afghanistan. first, bill karins with a check on the forecast. good morning everyone. we have two systems out there,
7:18 am
one is a hurricane, someone sa tropical storm. no hurricanes made landfall in the u.s. what's the story with igor and julia. igor is a category 4 storm. julia is a tropical storm off the coast of africa. that's never going to effect anyone. igor is the storm to watch over the next couple days. the are where our computers are projecting igor to go. these two to thesouth, that's interesting. that would be a lot more sious threat forhe east coast. but that's the minority. swoe ear going to rule tho out for the hrrent time. theurricane center is thinking this is more of a storm that could problem bermuda this weekend. yesterday was chilly, 60s from philly to fwos ton. today is a little betr. we have showers out there this morning and drizzle over long island and through the white and green mountains of vermont, new hampshire and maine. forecast for today, keep the umbrella handy. looks nice in phiy, baltimore and d.c. the rest of the country is not going to look too bad. gorgeous actually in thet grea ke summer along the gulf.
7:19 am
that's the look at your forecast. you're watching "morning joe" approved by starbucks. my name is vonetta, and i suffer from allergies. [ male announcer ] we asked zyrtec® users what they love about their allergy relief, and what it lets them do. the thing i love most about zyrtec® is that it allows me to be outside. [ male announcer ] weet you'll love zyrtec®, too -- or it's free. [ vonetta ] it is countdown to marshmallow time. [ woman laughs ] [ vonetta ] it is countdown to marshmallow time. president obama: yeah, i took a trip to elkhart, indiana, today. elkhart's a place that has lost jobs faster than anywhere else in america,
7:20 am
and the people who've lost them have no idea what to do or who to turn to. in fact, local tv stations have started running public service announcements that tell people where to find food banks, even as the food banks don't have enough to meet the demand.
7:21 am
7:22 am
are you saying that no way, no how would you vote for the continuing the tax cuts for the folks in the middleun class unls it also includes the tax cuts for the people in the upper bracket? >> if the only option i have is to vote for some of those tax reductions, i'll vote for them. but i've been makinghs the poin now for months that we need to extend all the current rates for all americans. >> all right. welcome back to "morning joe," a
7:23 am
day in drizzly washington, d.c. andy card and charles blow still with us. squloining us from the white house, nbc news white house correspondent and co-host of "the daily rundown," savannah guthrie. what are we seeing here with john boehner? some sort of potential move maybe to a compromise or just bickering? >> well, potentially that is, if he can get other republicans to go along with him. look, the white house is oh hoe i don't know. i almost u the word gleeful this morning at what boehner said. that sound bite you just played because they feel like he's opened the door to compromise, sort of a consensus position with the president, is the way they see it. instead of a situation where, even though he actually has expressed a preference, of course, those bush tax cuts be extended for all americans e including the wealthiest americans which republicans say include small businesses that would be hurt by this, they think, look, what's set up here potentially is you do a vote on the middle class tax cuts, and then the republicans are forced
7:24 am
to isolate this issue of the tax cuts for the wealthiest americans which democrats and the white house they feel that's an extremely unpopular position to take. so they're thrilled about what boehner said. the realityh check here is that boehner, he's not speaker of the house yet. it's unclear whether other republans would be willing to go along. there's already beenck some blowback for boehner within the conservative circles about whether or not he was speaking out of turn. there's no indication, for e, example, that mitch mcconnell, the senate republican leader is willing to go along with this. on the other hand, if boehner comes out and looks like he's the guy who is imminently reasonable and ready to compromise, the republicans have deprived the white house of what it considered to be one of its most potent arguments. when we heard the president himself say which is, hey, look, republicans, don't hold middle class tax cuts hostage because you want tax cuts for the wealthiest of americans. so i think this is going to be one of the most fascinating
7:25 am
issues we see develop as congress comes back this week. i think it's going to be fascinating, if boehner says, hey, i've got a great idea, the media will say tax cuts for the rich, small government conservatives wi say tax increases on job creators. if boehner walks in there saying, hey, why don't we go ahead and allow those tas to go up, hey, say what i say. you'll raise taxes when we have 15% real unemployment on the people who decide to create jobs or not? do that in a year or two, but not now. >> how do the house rules work -- >> if somebody says that they throw them in the swimming pool and lock the door and don't let them come back. >> what about on the flip side, if they say, okay, that clip we just played, if boehner says if that's what it comes down, i'd vote for it. can they throw a bill into the hopper to get immediate action?
7:26 am
>> sure they can. they can put a bill in the hopper this morning and jam it through rules committee and vote on it. >> why wouldn't they do that? >> because republicans won't vote for it. and they>> shouldn't. >> savannah? >> what's interesting, i think we will see the white house, and we've already gotten a hint of the argument, the president saying, look f you want to do a middle class tax cut for 97% of americans, i'm ready right now, congress. let's do it and go forward with it. the flip side of this is, while they may be thrilled by what john boehner said, they have problems on their own on the emocratic side of the aisle because you have chris van holland basically running the democraticma campaigns. congressman van holland signaling this weeke he might be open to compromise that perhaps what you should do because of this concern of raising taxein the middle of a recession, maybe they should postpone the tax cuts for a couple years.
7:27 am
in other words, freeze rates where they are for a couple years. that's an argument that holds some force with not just republicans but also some leading democrats. i would say this is a situation where both republicans and democrats have got some problems there. it's not like each side is standing firm on this issue. >> savannah, thank you so much. we can't wait till you talk about this in "daily rundown" at 9:00. >> set your tivo. let me go to andy card for a second. i do this as a public service. i do this as a public service. i'm not talking about the mainstream -- i do this as a public service. there are issues where media people in new york and washington are always blind-sided every two or four years and they just don't get it. the tax increases are one of them. you can't talk about the tax increases without hearg "tax cuts for the rich" "tax cuts for the wealthiest americans." i just got to say this.
7:28 am
every time i ran, i would run against raising tax cuts on the rich. people that i know are job creators. i'd run in primaries against more moderate, more reasonable republicans who would say they're for -- they would actually get the rich voting for them. i would get working class people voting for me. i mean, i got elected becse the wine and cheese republicans voted for my opponent and people comingut of trailers making $30,000 or less voted for me. i can show you the cross tabs.ed all i talked about is don't raise taxes because you can call it raising taxes on the rich, but in the end it gets the working class -- guess what? this is what infuriates me so much. the rich can afford to pay the taxes. the rich, they've got thebest accountants. they've got the best tax lawyers. i never had a rich guy saying
7:29 am
cut my taxes. i had rich guys saying, hey, will you get the regulators off my back? rich guys don't pay taxes. they pay 14%. andy card, this is the thing, as we go into a campaign season, where you're goraing to have barack obama talking about tax cuts for the rich, and that's going to be parroted by every media outlet in america. this is the thing that these class warfare demagogues don't understand, that working class people coming out of the trailers, undervoting for people like joe scarborough understand that if you raise taxes on their bosses, if you raise taxes on the people that they want to hire them, that's going to be less money they'll invest in their businesses and more money they'll be paying to irs. it's a simple equation. for some reason, so few people
7:30 am
in manhattan seem to get it. >> joe, you are so right. raising taxes -- >> by the way, i live in nhattan. i'm not knocking manhattan. >> raising taxes on the people who are the job generators is a mistake. the tax rate that they're talking about that president obama wants to hold everybody under $250,000, give them a tax cut and tax everybody above that, look, it's the small business elements in america that create the jobs. there aren't many small businesses that are under $250,000. and they're going to pay a lot of employees with that money. so this is not the time to be raising taxes. i think john boehner said the right thing. he said, look, i want to keep the bush tax cuts in place. we've got to keep them in place. but i'm willing to listen, learn and maybe compromise. but he was not walking away from a sound economic argument when the debate in america was about jobs.
7:31 am
let's keep the tax policiesra tt will generate job creation. >> especially now. the thing is, charles, i'm not saying if we move it to ch39%, that top tier, which we had in the '90s when the economy just absolutely exploded, i'm not saying that socialism. i'm saying that's a hell of a lot better than it was in the '70s and '80s. i'm saying when we have 15% real unemployment, now may not be the time to raise taxes. >> i think that's part of the problem. the other part of the problem is that it can't get any real traction even with democrats. you have to look at it this way, we have big city democrats, manhattan, you mentioned manhattan. all across america, if you looked at the map, voter turnout, demrats make big money. it hits a lot of people who are barely scrambling. they call them henrys, high earners not rich yet. the henrys are not really witch.
7:32 am
those people are democrat, very blue and they're getting hit more than people in alabama or mississippi would be hit because of the cost of living in blue states is higher in general than in red states. >> if you're a h.e.n.r. yfrmts in new york or california, you're seeing 60% of your income going to governments on all levels, plus the high cost of living in new york and california. that's why jerry brown, a progressive is scrambling around saying, i'm not raising taxes, i've never raised taxes. up next, lieu russert with the profile of a man we've been talking about, john boehner, that's next on "morning joe." can i have se ice cream please ?
7:33 am
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i'm iris cross. we'll keep restoring the jobs, tourist beaches, and businesses impacted by the spill. ve we've paid er $400 miion in claims and set up a $20 billion independently-run claims fund. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. i'm gonna be here until we make this right. welcome back to "morg ning joe." let's bring in now the owner of millie's. >> very small investor. >> about as much as mike barnicle's shirt is worth. >> lukehe russert. t man of the hour is john
7:37 am
boehner. you had barack obama going after him in speeches in ohio. "the new york times" had this huge profile on him over the weekend. what's going on with boehner? is he read difficult for prime time? is he reedy to be speaker? >> a lot of folks ton left have sought to sort of paint john boehner as a man tied directly to special interests and a big golf guide. i actually went to redding, ohio, and found he comes from extremely humble beginnings. take a look at what found. >> hidden from the people. hell no, you can't. >> reporter: minority leader john boehner has risen to oratorical heights on capitol hill. that trip began on another hill. >> if you blink, you miss the street here. >> reporter: hill street in redding, ohio. at the top sits the house she shared with 11 brothers and sisters. in this had 12 people house or 14 -- >> 14. when we were younger, that addition on the end wasn't
7:38 am
there. mom and dad slept on a pullout couch. and john, steve and i slept in one bedroom. nancy slept in the other bedroom. >> reporter: maneuvering in such a big catholic family is where a large part of his leadship skills come from today. >> started right there. you might have wanted something done a certain way but it wasn't possible because there's too many people. you had to figure out the best way to do something and move on with it. >> reporter: of course, his little sister might just say he was boss s. >> make sure you do your homework and sit up straight. what are you doing with your clean clothes on? >> reporter: linda still works at the bar the boehner family used to own where john mopped floors. back then it was named andy's cafe after his grandfather. >> did you ever get angry because he was being too harsh on him. >> yeah, because he wasn't mom or dad. who are you? >> reporter: a teenager who road motorcycles and played football. >> john came up to me and said,
7:39 am
i want to do, coach. we need to do it to win. >> reporter: from his mother came his independence. >> stand upnd speak your mind. my mother was good at that. she spoke what she thought. she spoke from the heart. >> reporter: from his father his charm and possibly his heart. >> my dad made a connection with people. i think john does the same ing, connect to people. that's why he's been successful. >> reporter: the beginning of an unlikely climb which may end with him leading 435 people in a very different house on the hill. >> 11 brothers and sisters. >> isn't that amazing. john boehner, one of 12. some other interesting anecdotes, almost every morning, 6:00 in the morning he would have to go to the family bar and scrub the place down. because he was the third oldest he was almost an adjunct parent for the younger ones. lot of them refer to him as this disciplinarian. he would say you have to do your
7:40 am
homework, why are you wearing your clean clothes out there in the dirt? john boehner took seven years to get his undergraduatefr universy from xavier university. it took seven years of night classes to pull that out because he was working. >> maybe the next speaker. >> i found out some things i never knew about him. how is it that he ended up as a republican? he's got a full democratic stack in the background, the tavern owner, the parents, 12s. kids. >> in some ways he seeses himself as someone who worked hard, lived the american dream to the fullest and did everything on his own and doesn't necessarily want government intervening in his life very much. that's where you see the young boehner saying, i looked worked hard, did what i had to do. i don't want government taking my taxes, setting the patriots of my life. if i can do it and raise from these levels and possib become speaker of the house, it shows
7:41 am
what hard work in the united states can accomplish. >> mike is a little flum mechanicsed because if you're catholic and youave 11 brosers and sisters and you're in boston and you're republican, they take you out back and beat the hefl out of him. >> what happened? tomorrow, former british prime minister tony blair will be here to discuss his best-selling autobiography that is making waves for sure. when we come back, this morning's must-read opinion pa ges. luke, thank you. interesting. [ female announcer ] stay once... stay twice... earn a free night! two separate stays at comfort inn or any of these choice hotels
7:42 am
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7:45 am
somewhere between mid 40s and more than we did. i think the momentum that's building in the country, the unhappiness with the administration, the disarray of the demoats, i wouldn't be shocked if they didn't beat our record and get more than 54. i would not be shocked. >> so we're talkingpeaker boehner? >> i think for all planning e purposes inight out of ten futures, boehner is the speaker. >> welcome back to "morning joe." let's take a look right now the at our must-read op ed. a whole family segment here. luke brought us john boehner's family. maureen dowd wrote about her sister. >> she did, her sister peggy. she writes this, when peggy left barry, despite being a washington native, peggy
7:46 am
believed the dazzling young newcomer, obama, could change washington. but she has lost a lot of faith now saying she might vote for mit romney over alabama in 2012. he hasn't saved the economy. now he's admitting he made very limettle congress. you can't for four years blame the person who used to be president. obama tries to compromise too much and doesn't look like a strong leader. i don't watch m anymore. i'm turned off by him. i think he's an elitist. he does what he wants and then he tells tous do other things. >> mike, that's just a shotgun blast of maureen dows -- >> i know peggy, yes, i do. she's on to something. >> she is? >> you hear these complaints from democrats as well as republicans. >> i think she's on to -- i think more and more people are feeling, deservedly or undeservedly, you're trying to tell us how to live, how to do a, b and c. and yet, listen, sounds like a
7:47 am
cheap shot. your family went to spain. you go golfing all the time. there's an element here of elitism, of academic elitism in the presidency that i think is turning some people off rightly or wrongly. i'm not buying into it. >> andy card, it does sound like a cheap shot. but we hear it all the time. >> i don't think it was a cheap shot. i think it was a sincere reaction from someone who had hopes and aspirations that president obama was going to be who he claimed, and he wasn't. the change that he brought to washington was not the change that america wanted. quite frankly, it wasn't the change that america needed in terms of being a strong leader that would, number one, work hard to protected us and number two, work to get jobs back on the books so we could start nggetting the economy moving again. >> charles, the cheap shot is, mika just said, maybe a cheap shot to call him an elitist. that's where a lot of americans seem to be, he's an el leastist. somebody this weekend brought up
7:48 am
the fact that his poll numbers are like, do you understand the problems that normal americans are facing. >> i think he tried to do that. >> i've been flmoxed by the whole situation of people saying he hasn't done things. in fact, he's done quite a bit. i've been flummoxed by a the fa that democrats are running away from what they've done. in fact, i think a lot of it was necessary and, in fact, helpful. running away from stimulus is a disaster. the fact they didn't sell stimulus that. was a smart thing to do. you to make a choice. either let the economy collapse or raise the deficit. they made the choice to not let the economy collapse. you can come back from deficits. you cannot come back so easily from a collapsed economy. >> so you're attacking peggy dowd? sir, have you no shame. >> oh, come on. >> maureen dowd's poor sister being savaged by a member of
7:49 am
"the new york times" family. >> andy card and charles blow, i'm sorry. thank you very much for being here. coming up in a few minutes, hington post's" david ignatius. up next, i'm being kicked off the set. i'm being kicked off the set and we're letting the men take over. talk about the nfl season. we'll break down all the twists and turns and, of course, the questionable calls. that's next on "morning joe." ♪
7:50 am
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7:53 am
this is the time every monday whejoe and roger bennett usually discuss, what's this word? >> english premier league footll. a bad weekend. >> liverpool, some of those. >> great stuff. >> what happen here? guy kicked it -- pretty nice. we're going to talk american football if that's all right. joined by kevin armstrong and founder of good to see you. got to start, mike, with this play. lions, detroit. explain to us. this looks like a touchdown for
7:54 am
johnson. this would have beat the beers. two feet down, butt down, ar down. what's the rational for giving him no touchdown? ri>> as the rules written, that the right call. the issue is, this came up countless times last year. it was applied different ways. there's a second act deception that's not there. it came up in the super bowl last year. >> where h the guyad possession for less time than this. >> reach the ba across the fronof the end zone. the nfl, every offseason, looks at the rules it may want to tweak. they looked at this and decided not to address it and week one, it's back again. >> the big story in new york this morning is about the new york jets, locker room problems. i understa you were in the locker room when this reporter was there. what did you see? >> it was inappropriate behavior
7:55 am
by the jets players. there were cat calls d whistling. >> were you shocked that would happen in an nfl locker room? >> absolutely not. >> how much fun, i love the jets, but how much fun are you going to have when the jets are 8-8. >> they can be 3-0, 0-3. they've dpot the patriots next week, miami, week three. >> won't this kind of anoint them as kind of the it team. talking about them on the front of the "new york post" for sexual harassment, better for worse, actually for worse. does this remind you of what dallas had in the '90s? >> here's the thing, but they are grabbing headlines. let's talk about other games.
7:56 am
u had last night,the cowboys, man. >> and look, when you're talking about a team that is playing the super bowl in its own stadium and they were year against the redskins, to lose that game the way they did, giving away a touchdown in the first half, not being able to score last night, lot of pressure on wade phillips. actually, it wasn't a bad move. if you're going to get beaten, why not take a chance taking him down and hoping the referee eat it is flag. if you're getting beat any way, it wasn't a bad idea. >> kevin, philadelphia, shouldn't michael vick be the starting quarterback now? >> an impressive display for a guy who hasn't played in four years. >> he was in jail for like -- he looked great. >> even if they're both healthy,
7:57 am
isn't he better than vin kolb? >> if he can put out like yesterday, yes. >> i still don't understand why the eagles traded donovan mcnabb to mike shanahan in their own conference. >> to a rival. >> they lose at home and then get to watch the redskins beat the cowboys. >> wow. >> he didn't need to. >> by the kay, kevin armstrong, two bc grads right here on your set. >> we learn, so profoun >> the good sexualharassment and bad. >> me against the world's persona. what they love about their allergy relief, and what it lets them do. the thing i love most about zyrtec® is that it allows me to be outside. [ male announcer ] we bet you'll love zyrtec®, too -- or it's free. [ vonetta ] it is countdown to marshmallow time. [ woman laughs ] [ vonetta ] it is countdown to marshmallow time. words alone aren't enough.
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i'm going to think for the first time now, things weren't going so poorly that there is a chance, the voices are going to say this isn't working, are going to be heard more. >> isn't that the problem? things are going so poorly, the generals will want to double down. >> that's not going happen. basically, word is going out to general petraeus that that's not on the table to increase what we're doing. the real question is whether to stay the course, quote, unquote, against this backdrop where it isn't working, or shift the emphasis. >> all right. top of the hour. welcome back to "morning joe." and still with us, mike barnaclg and joining us now, columnist for, joe salono and
8:02 am
david ignatius who wrote this -- >> david u, you have concerns. richard had concerns. sunday's "new york times" has really jars news about the fact that we're adding more troops an money and wastingan $2 billin a week in afghanistan, the security situation is deteriorating by the day. >> i just have come back from a brief trip to afghanistan with secretary gates. the first thing to say is that all of the u.s. troops in the surge of 30,000 that president
8:03 am
obama ordered finally arrives, so don't want to be too hastey about making judgments. on the key issue for the , the ability to transfer control, i came away from this trip more concerned than i have been previously for two reasons. first, we're assuming that afghan governorance, the national police, army, all providers of police, those can be orderly functional, non-corrupt enough to work. corruption just deepens. while i was there, i watched an appallg display by president karzai, really arrogantly dismissed criticism of corruption. on the very day, there was a run on the bank where his family are part owners.
8:04 am
onhat level, i'm worried. w to build issue is ho an afghan army and police that can take or. running that program, i came away scratching my head. i don't how we're going to get an army to take over. >> mike barnacle, it doesn't add up. our end game is karzai. we've got a timeline that doesn't add up. you've got republicans wanting to spend another decade there. it doesn't add up. john mccain and lindsey graham and joe lieberman talking about up the ante. this is nonsensical. yet young americans are dying every day and american taxpayers are losing to $2 billion a week. >> one of the keys to making it work and david points to it in his piece in the "washington post" yesterday, is to get the people down at the local level
8:05 am
with the belief and credibility and honesty of their own government. and david, reading the piece, you could insert strategic hamlet program for government in the box 40 years later and we're looking at the same thing, are we not? >> the parallels to vietnam are really haunting. i say in this piece that i don't remember even president yem and hu being quite so dismissive as karzai. this is the problem of having week alliance. they think their countri are so weak that you can't afford to live without them. there's a meeting i'm told at the white house, the president's going to meet with secretary gates privately, to figure out what we can do to get a better
8:06 am
outcome. >> we tripled the number of troops in afghanistan over the past year and a half. tripled. >> yes. >> that's still not enough. >> it will never be enough. >> there will nevere enough troops. >> corruption's found that out. >> after the british did. after alexander the great idid. >> i don't see how anybody can believe that after nine years there, suddenly everything's going turn around in terms of how people feel at the village level or character of the government. >> it's turned around, but gotten worse. >> it's hard to believe, it's also hard to see how these goals can be fulfilled in the time allotted. doesn't seem sensible. besides which karzai himself and the government that exists there actually believe what people lilike lindsey graham and john mccain refuse to see, there has to be a solution. you have to be able toalk to some people in the taliban and
8:07 am
whether they're going to be include nd oo government. that's a terrible thing to say two days after 9/11. >> actually, by the way, not such a bad thing to say two days after because the taliban did not take down the towers. >> they were helpful to the people who did and we wted to see them brought to justice as well and omar is still in hiding along with osama bin laden and it's not great to have to say o talk to these people, but the truth is, nine years later, because of a lot of neglect and bad policy during that time, we don't have good choices. >> and david, it was petraeus and other people during the bush administration that decided to negotiate with tribal warlords in anbar province in western iraq who had been killing american troops two years
8:08 am
earlier, so it seems to me, negotiate wg the taliban is not such a radicalconcept. >>don't think that anybody demonstration or in kabul would construe is idea of reaching out to the idea of reaching out to the taliban term of art is reconciliation. and there's a lot of effort going on in thaone t regard. one thing i have learned, watching things in iraq, there's a dierence between a really bad, out of control, flaming mess and just sort of a mess. if we can get ask -- iraq is just sort of a mess in my judgment now compared to what it was in 2006 and 2007, which was completely out of control. civil war, massive loss of life, just a total disaster that we really couldn't walk away from. if we could get afghanistan to the point where it was just sort
8:09 am
of a mess so that u.s. troop pullout could be in, we could turn things over. >> but is that possible? >> we don't know. but that's the question people are trying to ask. >> nine years latter -- >> we can't stay there another decade. do you see anything happening if the united states of america decides to stay there five more years, do you see things being any different in 202 than they are in 2010? or how they were when the russians were forced to leave or when the british were forced to eave or how they were when alexander the great in the third or fourth century b.c. was forced to leave? >> i actually do. shoun't imagine this is a timeless place, unchanged for 150 years. if you travel to kabul, around the country, you see a country that's gradually modernizing.
8:10 am
the muslim middle east is becoming modern, slowly. that's going to continue. i think what you'll see, i think the white house is now thinking in much more detail about this, is the timeline for afghanistan like what we negotiated with the iraqis. everybody's pretty comfortable with it. i think that's a way they're going to go in afghanistan. are we going to be there forever? no. we're going to be there until x then figure out what x is. >> this war is obviously a long way from being over, but when it is, what will we learn about what the united states military and we as a country is good at doing and what it's not? what do we take away? >> i hope that we need to have a more supple and sort of across the board strategy for dealing with enemies, that a military situation is not the only solution. we have to maintain alliances. the other thing we have to
8:11 am
realize is there needs to be real firm objectives when you go to war and this is something we talked aboutwbefore we went to iraq. what is it we're sending people to fight and die for andow long are we willingo to do tha. how much do we want to spend? i think to this day, it's not clear what we're trying to achieve in afghanistan anymore. >> that's the most fascinating thing tome, really, ishere we are, nine years later in afghanistan and you sit d remember all the lecturing that we republicans gave bill clinton about the wineberger doctrine, where you don't go in until you know why you're going to come out. >> what is your clear objective? why are you sending americans to die. when you pick up the phoneand talk to a mother who just lost her 19-year-old son, what are you as the president of the
8:12 am
united states saying into that phone? died andak i know this is an unspeakable tragedy for you and your family and you'll never recover from it, but understand that your son or daughter died in -- what is it? karzai? to prop up karzai? to stay there another decade? what is it, because don't tell me it's because of 9/11. i that was the case in 2003, 2004. >> when we went in there and i came on tv and supported the president doing that and now, we've clearly lost sight of what the objective is. sometime after bush and cheney decided they'd rather go to iraq, they -- >> we just can't say bush d cheney here even though they neglectedit, we have barack obama who decided we're going to
8:13 am
shift this to a counterinsurgency effort. we're going to switch this from and killing them or trying them to a country. >> it wasn't explained to the american people. >> it gets to -- >> i want toask david ignatius about this. in my mind, it gets to our ultimate dilemma in afghanistan. even under the strained rules of engagement, our military, especially the marines, can go into places. they can seize and hold territory. they can pacify specific parts of cities, a specific part of provinces r a specific amount of time, but david, what happens -- assume the casualties involved. assume the fact the area is pacied for a period of time. week, two weeks. what happens to the people, the
8:14 am
people's loyalty to their own government and to the safety of the moment when we w fithdraw? >> what we're finding out, mike, is that at night, the taliban, who were still there, in hiding, come out and assassinate those village tribal leers who are working with the united states and that we are not le to counter that wave of intimation. the point that joe was making, which i thought was extly right. what's the goal of this mison. tatingwas a goal, it was s clearly in general mcchrystal's strategy. that gl was to protect the pop l poplation. to move toward theenteof afghanistan. the problem we're facing nowth isn't that we don't ha a strategy, it's the strategy isn't working. in helmand provie, we swept in and four months after the figh,
8:15 am
it's still insecure and people say they do not like the american's presence. 90% of the people in marjah say u.s. action was bad for the afan people. that's not going to work if those numbers are for real. >> a strategy is unworkable on its face. the fact is, afghans know we're going to leave. the taliban's still going to be there and people that cooperated with the united states will get a bullet through their head or get their head cut off and lindsey graham and john mccain and joe lieberman's answer to that is stay in afghanistan forever. well, i don't want american boys and girls to get their heads
8:16 am
blown off. >> people always say the same thing. it's always more troops, more money. where ever you are. i think people have tuned that out now. th>>ey know that's wrong. >> david ignatius, thank you very much. up next, house democrats planning for a possible future without nancy pelosi. details nextn the political playbook. plus, it's the tea party versus the gop in delaware. is there a major upset in the making? but first, bill karins with the quick check on the forecast. bill? >> good monday morning. hope you all had a wonderful weekend. we have a category 4 huicane borderlining on a category 5. 150 mile per hour winds. right behind it, julia. julia is never going to be a problem for the east coast. here's the forecast from the hurricane center. it takes it as a category 4 or 3, dangerously close to bermuda.
8:17 am
the east coast, another storm that's going to produce big waves for the east coast, but nothing that should do damage as far as rain or winds. another swing and a mis miss. the week ahead, cool, especially in new england. cool air will be the rule in northern new england today, too, especially in boston. you're watching "morning joe" brewed by starbucks. i want to give my 5 employees health insurance,
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21 pasthe hour cht time t for a look at the morning papers. "the washington post," tea party versus the republican party where a popular moderate, mike cassel, is suddenly under siege from a little known conservative. >> you want to control the senate or not. >> a new public policy poll released last night shows o'donnell leading cassel. that's a three-point lead well within the margin of error. >> anybody that believes that christine o'donnell is going to be voted in to take joe biden's seat, seriously, you need to get a grip. it's not going happen. "washington times," carly fiorna refuses to run as a moderate.
8:22 am
a new poll shows that boxer's leader her 48-44 among registered voters. >> it's sarah palin making front page news of the guardian of london. the paper says all signs point to pal running for president in 2012. she's expected to attend a republican dinner in iowa friday. >> mike, we're talking about the shakeup that's sure to come in the next two months. what happens to nancy pelosi if john boehner takes her job? >> there's suddenly a ton of buzz about what would happen if democrats found themselves in the minority. we had a quote from a top democratic who said quote, everyone in town is talking abouts. this. it's possible that people epect
8:23 am
she would probably leave, so the leaders would probably be steny hoyer and jimclyburn, now the numbers two and three. jim clyburn today opened a twitter feed with clyburn. i guess he better hurry while he has that position. then it's possible there will be a top to bottom sweep of the leaders. the democrats might replace them all. >> who are some of the democratic young guns who might step up to the plate? >> you know, the great thing about this shuffle is that you're not going to be able to predict that. the number of of the ones they hoped for are among the most endangered people, so tom perry of virginia. he was tagged as a future leader. he's sort of a family jewels of this family leadership. it's going to be -- everybody's going to have a chance to step
8:24 am
up. >> wow. the young guns and family jewels. >> might get shot. >> mika, you love talking about mike bloomberg for president? >> making some high profile endorsements. >> i've been reading this on politico. >> what's he up to? >> people aren't sure, but he's doing a lot of elevate his national profile. he's a little bit filling the gap of -- now like mayor bloomberg, so we've seen the mayor make eorseme have mayers races, republicans and democrats, he seems to be endorsing on the basis of his issues including education reform, gun control. he's taken on three dputy mayors including steve goldsmith of indiana and our friend,
8:25 am
howard wolfson. >> what's your thoughts on bloomberg? times seem to be right for an independent. >> they sure do. for someone to the left of barack obama on nearly every social issue, that's probably not what the country's going to be looking for. he does like to be in the mix and he clearly is thinking ahead to what he is going to do after this third term. he's elevated what he's doing with his foundation. >> he got $21 billion and you're bored and you're a leader -- >> do whatever you want. >> joe, write a $3 billion check and you sort of control the debate. >> you're in the game, definitely. >> bloomberg. you think he could run and win? >> i think he could run, clearly, i don't think he couldh win. i don't think he fits the
8:26 am
profile of a president. mayor of new york city is not a qualification to be president necessarily and i think he's too liberal, really. he's been a good mayor. i think his stand on the community center has been very courageous and brave, but doesn't help him. he made what i think was a highly praise wrt worthy decisio sacrifice running nationally. if you read what people are saying about him concerning that issue -- >> who reads that crap? >> i do. but it's my job c. >> you know what? there's going to be anger -- of course we all read blogs. there are people outraged on the right that mika didn't give time to that preacher who wants to burn korans.
8:27 am
crazy people on both sides. but i think people like leadership these days. they need leadership. barack obama, i just think -- >> i hope you're right. i'd like to think that doing the right thing on that issue would not hurt mayor bloomberg, but it's not at all clear that he's calc ulating when he makes a decision like that. >> islamic center,'si think barack obama's best moment, i think his best moment this past summer, after summer, just pr with a bp and the back and fort on the center, i think his friday night speech where he talked about freedom of religion to a group of muslims inside the white house, a group of muslim-americans who right now, feel embattled, feel less secure as americans as they did on
8:28 am
september 11th, 2001. i loved it when george w. bush diit. when he said this isn't a war ainst islam. islam is a peaceful religion. >> that was a very fine moment. united the country. >> that friday night in the summer and said, you know, we've got something called freedom of religion here. that's leadership. americans are drawn to that. >> i think that would apply to bloomberg. >> it would. >> i hope you're right. michael allen. thank you very much. erin burnette, next. and tomorrow, we will have tony blair here on the set. the turn will make you think. ♪ make you re-examine your approach. change your line. innovate. and create one of the world's fastest-reacting suspensions, reading the road 1,000 times per second. it's the turn that leads you somewhere new.
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32 past the hour. time to take a look at business before the bell. look at that cool shot of new york city. >> a beautiful shot of a beautiful city. >> cool. >> yeah. >> way to set those clouds up with the sunlight. let's go to wall street and erin burnette. she brings us tidings of good joy. >> market's going up.
8:33 am
we gotom good news out of china. economy's still growing faster than people thought. not as much as anyone thought. inflation okay. so china's on track and that makes everybody happy. you're seeing that then you've got little stories on the margin helping. dubai, shares are surging on that. >> dubai's doing better? >> they are and they've reached a deal with their lenders to restructure the debt. there's just relief on that. then on top of that, the bank news, banks have to keep more capital, but not for almost ten years. >> you talk about a small global village, we're going to be doing well because china's doing well and dubai's doing well. >> that's pretty much -- look, china is really importan because without them, the gbal
8:34 am
economy would f falter. they're the tortoise, we're the hare. >> we're going to be fine. the tortoise wins that race. >> that is true. >> i know how story ends. that is true. >> how is k china keeping it together? >> i think this is the capitalist-central planning model. really, they were worried about inflation. that that could spark inflation and cause china to pull back the utigot in terms of lending and putting more money outo there. they don't have to dthat, that's sort of why the optimism. we'll see. >> did you see this story on the frt of "the wall street journal," this is worth mentioning. biggest foreign arms dea ever.
8:35 am
>> yeah. >> united states going to sell up to $60 billion of blackhawks, apaches, miss els, to saudi arabia. >> who are the saudis going to invade? >> i pulled the numbers. last year, if you look at the top buyers of american weapons, and by the way, we are light years bigger than anyone else when it comes to selling weapons. four out of the top five buyers were all in the middle east and are all citing the threat from iran. ju three weeks ago, kuwaitas buying patriot missiles. we said we wanted to sell it to them, so guess what? it's still legal to give money to terrorists in kuwait. >> i was just going to say that's the great irony. 20 or 30 years ago, middle ea
8:36 am
eastern countries wanted wapons to protect themselves. >> israe seems to be on board pretty much with this deal. nervous, but on boa. >> erin burnette, thank you very mu. see you tomorrow. >> all right. up next, our political round table with iraq war veteranwa a congressional war candidate. hi. we're ready to switch our car insurance to progressive. today just seemed like a great day to save. oh, it's not just today. with our free loyalty program, you earn great stuff like accident forgiveness and bigger discounts just by staying with us. oh! ooh! so, what you're saying is, it gets even better with age. oh! tell me we're still talking about insurance.
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jerry brown's good old days. but what really happened? >> cnn, not me, said the assertion about the tax record was just plain wrong. he took credit for the fact that the people of californiar voted for proposition 13 which lowered taxes which he opposed. he raised taxes as governor of california. he had a surplus when he took office and a deficit when he
8:40 am
ft. he doesn't tell the truth. >> i still that. >> jerry brown going after bill clinton. one of the most effective campaign ads of the season. bill clinton going after brown. >> it is time for our political
8:41 am
round table. we have tommy sowers, who is focusing his campaign for congress on the war in afghanistan. also with us, combat veteran wes moore. good to have you back. >> so, tommy, man, you didn't pick a good time to run as a democrat, did you? it's tough out there for democrats. >> i tell you rk i think it's the best year possible for a guy straight out of the military without a lot of political experience to be running for conscious. through the the eighth congressnal district everything i hear is the demand for new blood. i was at a patriot rally about 36 hours ago and a guy came up to me and said, you're that guy running for congress he said, you're not the incumbent are you, he said, you've g my vote. >> should america get out of
8:42 am
afghanistan? >> yes, we should. part of my campaign is ending the war in afghanistan and because what they teach in t military are the principles of war. you've just discussed it. the objective is one of the first principles they teach you. they teach that to you and when you look at our i objective, its to train the military and police so one day we can eave. the problem is the question of congress is who will pay for that military once we leave? the afghans can't. america won't for ever and our allieswon't. some training tribes men that wl one day be looking for a paycheck is not in our strategic interest. >> doesn't look like we have a good strategy out there. >> tom brings up a good point. is war is very personal for us and there's no one who wants it to end more than us.
8:43 am
i think we need to be careful and cautious about how we do it. and of not having coming up with a complete agreed upon strategy that makes sense. >> how long do we stay? we've been there for a decade. >> i agree. to be quite honest, this is not been a real priority until about 18 months ago. when i was in afghanistan in 2005 and 2006, we had well under 20,0 troops on the ground. that's where a hand mass 50% larger than iraq was. so afghanistan has not been as large a priority as it needed to be, however, the challees of afghanistan and being able to understand how those challenges manifest themselves are very real. those have to be wrestled>> wit. >> aericans seem to want us to rse. the cou americans always want to win wars.
8:44 am
and yet they don't seem to be overly focused on what's going on there. >> well, that gets to who's fighting this war. 1% of the population is fighting this war. there's something horribly inequitable and just wrong about the fact that we are engaged in two wars still and if you're wearing a uniform in iraq, you're still a target and you can go whole days without encountering anyone serving.le and the people here who are serving, the families, are just bearing a nonsustainable burden. >> tommy, is it time for a draft? >> i disagree, mike, at least in my district. in my district, there's 70,000 veterans in my district and when i am doing a town hall and i ask how many of you are veterans or related to someone serving, the entire room almost races their hand. it matters 2010.
8:45 am
on a fiscal perspective. when we are spding $400 a gallon for every gallon we put into a humvee in kabul, people worry about that. when we're building infrastructure halfway around the world when we should be building at home, people want that to for my district, they want us investing back at home. >> should we look at the possibility of a draft? would that stop members of congress? >> make them -- >> sending men and women off to war? >> i don't think so. i am in favor of a large idea of national service and having more people understand what service to this country means. i don't think a draft would be useful or useful for the military, but i do think it is a larger challenge of having people understand what's at stake. really, up until what happened with general mcchrystal and until a rolling stone article,
8:46 am
we went months without hearing a word about offense. >> thank you so much. and congratulations on the success of your book. it's doi great. >> good luck. >> can the u.s. lead again in the auto industry? next on "morning joe." - miss dimitra, marry me. - marry me. - marry me. - marry me. - be my wife, please. ( bells tolling ) ( all cheering ) ha ha ha! announcer: introducing the kohler karbon faucet. i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks]
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stay twice... earn a free night! two separate stays at comfort inn or any of these choice hotels can earn you a free night -- only when you book at choicehotelsom. can earn you a free night -- words alone aren't enough. our job is to listen and find ways to help workers who lost their jobs to the spill. i'm iris cross. we'll keep restoring the jobs, tourist beaches, and businesses impacted by the spill. we've paid over $400 million in claims and set up a $20 billion independently-run claims fund. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. i'm gonna be here until we make this right. welcome back. let's bring in carl levin, the senator from michigan. of course, senator levin, the
8:50 am
issue that matters more to detroit, michigan than the other issue, the blown call yesterday in the lion's game. senator. senator, what are we going to do about these refs stealing games from your beloved detroit lions? >> we're ing to grin and bear it because we've got no choice. >> i think you should hold hearings, bring the refs in, shame them. the second most important issue, the auto industry. ford, gm looks like it may be on its way back. how do you save the auto industry that is so important not zwrous michigan, the midwest, but to america?de >> we have to understand that we're in a global competition and that other governments aren strongly supporting their th industry. the example here this morning is batteries. other countries, china, korea,
8:51 am
japan, invest billions of their government dollars in thosese te imrtance for jobs and for the future automobile production in this world and now, we have a major instment in america in the last couple of years in our future automobile technologies. that so-callerecovery bill put a couple dobillion dollars into electric vehicles and batteries. we hear today, we see this plant, which was idle one year ago, which was vacant one year ago and within one year, using state, federal money and private money and a lot of it, together as partners come together. there's a few hundred people working here today. by the middle of next year, a few thousand. >> what would happen to our trading partners around the world if the united states senate and house of ct representatives enacted a bill saying you cannot buy a car in the united states unless it has
8:52 am
a made in america lithium ion battery? >> we're going to do that because our batteries are going to be the best, most affordable batteries. matter of fact, this plant will be shipping batteries to china, for instance, and to germany, without that kind of a requirement. other countries that put those kind of requirement on, we have fought against them. that kind of practice by other countries has been tolerated for too long. we take those issues to the world trade organization or we should. we have to be able to complete through partnerships between private sector and government. we're not going to be able to do it by probting other countries from selling their products here because of international trade laws. we ought to be fighting against other countries, putting those kinds of practices against wes. we ought to treat those other
8:53 am
countries no better than they treat us, but we should notbe the ones that rely on those kind of barriers. we ought to beow knocking down e barriers that exist in other countries. >> senator levin, what's the vision there in detroit for a time when the electric car is mainstream? they're still pretty expensive for a lot of people. still at the beginning of the cutting edge of technology. what's kind of a time horizon when we can phase out gas or at least get more electricars into the mainstream? >> i believe that the president's goal is a million electrics on the road by 2015. i think we can find ways that we can dole that. you got to do a number of things. you got to have incentives to buy in a tax code. we have those in there now for puchers. you've got to be incentives for manufacturing to drive down prices. we have those in the tax law as well and through the kind of grants we saw which made this
8:54 am
facility possible. third, we need the synergy, is combination of military and commercial vehicles. right now, not too many miles from h we are developing the military vehicles of the feature. they will be relying on electric. they are a partner in this effort to move us through the electric vehicle because it is so much better environmentally. >> all right. senator carl levin of michigan, thank you. o and best of luck to you, sir. >> good luck, senator. >> thank you so much. up next, "the daily ndown." >> straight up at 9:00. i'm bill karins. around the country, the weather,
8:55 am
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8:58 am
i promise each and every person in this room i will hit the groundcome down swinging -- >> willie, what i learned is that there's just no accounting for taste in some countries in ohio. a great leader. the webster of our time. >> gone as soon as he came. met him thursday and here he is monday. phil davison.
8:59 am
>> phil, we hardly knew you. >> i learned he's not going to be elected there. the republican executive committee there decided to go another direction. >> mike barnacle never tugs at hi shirt. learned john boehner was one of 12 kids. >> i learned that for some bizarre reason, major league baseball and national football league have it in for detroit. >> i learn that i give my time to chuck and savannah. joe? >> we've learned that not every veteran thinks we need to stay in afghanist for ever, which g is, whicis good news. >> we're going to leave on time. we're going to be nice to chuck and savannah. we've got a fun

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